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Punta Cana Destination has the a mission to offer for all national and international clients, the services of adventure tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism of high quality, safety, cultural and satisfying experience, through activities in all elements of Nature, innovating and constantly adapting to changes in the world of tourist for all types of travelers. We are committed to exceed the expectations of each of our customers, providing the best service with the best conditions in the market. We always will accompanied our services with a friendly and cordial treatment, seeking permanent relationships based on the total trust that is generate only through time, demonstrating compliance and excellence.


Punta cana destination main Vision is to be the best tour operator of domestic and receptive trust in the Dominican Republic and be known as such in the national and international scope, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients. We plan to grow as a Tour Operator, increasing the profitability of our business, while working in a sustainable way, positively affecting the market.


As part of our corporate culture, we assume as norms or principles of conduct the following Values: Customer First, Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of Punta Cana destination. We rich to satisfy our customer when we listen understand and anticipate your needs and meet your expectations. Integrity We are now committed to the highest standards of integrity. We are honest, ethical and fair in all our activities. We keep our word and confess our mistakes. We take responsibility for our actions and treat everyone with respect, to ensure that Punta Cana destination remains a company that deserves trust.


At Punta Cana destination, we have high quality standards and our goal is to continually improve everything we do. We define quality for the safety of our services, for our technical teams, compliance with current legal requirements, motivation and training of our staff, the integrity of our people and the low impact on the environment.


Punta Cana's destination activities are environmentally friendly, socially just and economically profitable. While our services serve the needs of our customers, in parallel we protect and foster opportunities for the future


At Punta Cana destination we believe that our strong and competitive advantage is and will always be our people. Our team spirit unites us. We work to fulfill our common goal of transferring experiences. We cooperate, collaborate and help each other to create a participatory and motivating workplace.

Space for creativity

At Punta Cana we are open to ideas that defy the ordinary and the existent. We invite everyone to look for new services, new ways of doing what is known by innovating in what is currently being done. We believe that Punta Cana destination can grow as a Tour Operator and our staff can learn for their work and private life.

Rights and duties

All, without exception, there are rights and duties as consumers and providers. The users of the transport in particular are protected by the Consumer Protection Law and the Traffic Law, which regulate all the conditions of the transport service and the faculties with which we count, delivering the specifications that will enable us to fulfill our role responsibly At the time of travel. The Consumer Law guides consumers' acts of consumption, regulates the actions of companies to meet the needs of users without abuse, and in general, creates a framework that details the conditions in which we must make all our purchases And contracting in the established trade. Our rights and duties as consumers, can basically summarize as: Rights. - Choose freely a particular good or service. - Access to truthful and timely information. - Not be arbitrarily discriminated against by suppliers of goods and / or services. - Safety in the consumption of goods or services. - Right to education for responsible consumption. - Right to guarantee. Homework. - Make purchases and contracts only with the established trade. - Read in detail the contracts or conditions of purchase before making a consumption decision. - Make your purchase decisions in a free and informed way. - Require compliance with the advertising or offers made by the supplier. -

Privacy Policy

¿What information will be collected and how will it be used?

In order to provide an optimal service, with the highest quality and in order to create your reservation, we will need your information. The same will be the following; Name of who makes the reservation, email address, address / residence, credit card number, telephone numbers where we can contact you ... on the other hand, you also need; The destination you visit and / or accommodation in the country, the latter is to leave the details of your flight established and know what time we should be waiting for you and where we will take you.

¿Why is this information necessary?

This information is needed, because it makes it easier for us to ensure that your transportation will be waiting for you at the place and time that you indicated, we also make sure we do not pick you up outside the established time, and wait for you to arrive. Your flight, and take you to the hotel and / or address that you have already indicated to us, on the other hand, your address is important to get help with the process or procedure with your credit card, and in the same way helps us to avoid any kind Illegal activity, punishable by law, your email address and your phone number (s) are necessary, so we can send you the information you need about your reservation and confirm that everything is according to what you requested. Important Note Your credit card information will be handled with all the security required to ensure confidentiality, so we use an SSL encryption validation, extended GEO Fiduciary to ensure the protection of vulnerable data.

¿Who will you share your information with?

www.puntacanadestino.com, who will verify the information provided by you, for the sole purpose and purpose of creating your reservation effectively and never disclose such information.

Your consent

By using the www.puntacanadestino.com you consent to the collection and use of this information by www.puntacanadestino.com in the ways outlined above. If we decide to change our privacy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of the information we collect, how we use it and in what circumstances we disclose it

Because we are concerned about your security, we will never disclose your information

In Punta Cana destination, we understand that having your trust and keeping it is one of our main objectives as a company. Protecting your privacy is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We have developed this PRIVACY POLICY to help you understand how we collect, store and care for your privacy. Understand that your data is necessary to be able to provide a service, with excellence and of which you can be totally pleased ... At Punta cana destination we do not keep your personal information forever, but in a provisional way, so that you can be calm without thinking about That your personal data is stored on our server. Personal information (as defined below) that you provide to us through our websites, mobile applications, email, service providers, and distribution partners. This Privacy Policy does not refer to the privacy, information or other practices of third parties, of which we are not responsible, which includes third party distribution partners, suppliers and tour operators, as well as all third parties that manage Websites whose links appear on our websites. By downloading, visiting or using our websites or content, by using any Punta Cana Software (the "Application") application on a mobile phone, tablet or similar device (the "Device") or providing us with information regarding our sites Web, mobile applications or other service sites, you accept the terms and conditions of this